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  • It's Gonna Be A Red Hot Fall!

    Aug 18, 2011 6:17 PM PDT

    When one thinks of Autumn, visions of burnished oranges, brick reds and shades of brown and camel dance through the head. And while these staple hues are still welcome for the cooler months ahead, there's a new color in town and it's making a bold impression! Bright, saturated hues of cherry and true red are popping up all over the Fall season runways.

    From cozy overcoats to patent pumps, from glossy lips to shiny nail lacquers ... there's no question that red hot it the new hot hue! Get your wardrobe ready for Fall and click on the slideshow to see our picks for fave red pieces!

  • Video Style Steal - Kelly Rowland 'Motivation' ft. Lil Wayne

    Aug 17, 2011 6:49 PM PDT

    Kelly Rowland shows off her sensual side in her new single, 'Motivation'. Smooth and sexy, Kelly Rowland bumps and grinds in an underworld setting full of virile and toned bodies. Slinking and writhing to the beat and displaying her impressive vocals, we can't help but get into the groove of this racy song. It's a dark and lust filled world of legs and lips, studs and cutouts and hard-to-hit falsetto notes and we were entranced by every second. While Kelly looks amazing in her provocative get-ups, we've translated her look into one that we can emulate for our everyday. Check out her steamy video then just click on the slideshow to see our picks!

  • Beauty Pick Me Up - Skin Flaws? Masque It!

    Aug 17, 2011 10:17 AM PDT

    Facial and spa treatments that we used to get at our favorite salon are now becoming more and more readily available in at-home versions. One such beauty product that's effective and super simple to DIY is the facial mask. Whether it comes in mask or peel form, the facial mask is a quick way to rectify any skin type. You just have to know what to look for! Well, that's where we come in. Check out our tips for the best type of facial mask for different skin types, then click on the slideshow to see some of our favorites!

  • Recession Chic - Back-to-School Basics Under $50

    Aug 16, 2011 6:12 PM PDT

    Did you enjoy your summer? It went by so fast didn't it?

    Sigh. Now that classes are about to start again and you're cramming yourself back into a teeny tiny dorm room and stocking up on instant noodles and coffee vouchers, why not re-stock your back-to-school wardrobe too?

    Platform pumps and embellished dresses and skirts are a little inappropriate for English 101, but you don't have to be stuck in the same hoodie and jeans all semester either! Look for stylish pieces that are comfortable, versatile and ... most importantly for all college students ... a good deal!

    Take a look at our picks for must-have back-to-school basics that are all under $50!

  • Street Style - Fit To Prints

    Aug 15, 2011 9:59 AM PDT

    There's nothing wrong with cutesy polka dots and florals or classic stripes and there's definitely a time and place for bold animal prints. But lately, it's been all about the abstract or ethnic patterns. Ikat and Navajo inspired, brightly hued water colors and geometric shapes are what's hot in the world of prints and patterns right now and we love it. And so do many big-name style bloggers! We reached out to a few of our favorites for print style and inspiration and here's what they had to say ...

  • Video Style Steal - Pia Toscano 'This Time'

    Aug 10, 2011 7:36 PM PDT

    American Idol alum, Pia Toscano, makes her video debut with her new single, 'This Time'.

    With her powerhouse vocals and brunette bombshell good looks, Pia already looks like an experienced starlet. We not only love the empowering lyrics (recent break-up? Get back to you with inspiration from 'This Time'!) and simple video idea, but we're also digging her wearable style.

    From sunny day attire in cream and neutral hues, to a night-ready ensemble in sleek black and jewel tones, Pia's video style is something we can all emulate and know we look good in!

    Check out her new 'This Time' video, then click on the slideshow to see how to get her look for yourself!

  • Beauty Pick Me Up - Renew Your Skin!

    Aug 10, 2011 9:57 AM PDT

    Late night parties, days spent lounging in the sun, weekend getaways ... all these things are what makes summer so special. But all these things also take a toll on our skin. So pamper your pores and soothe and smooth yourself from head-to-toe with gentle exfoliating. Not all body parts are created equal, though! What may work wonders for your body can be too harsh on your face and hands exfoliators may not make a dent at all when it comes to your feet. Take a look at a few of our exfoliating tips and then click on the slideshow to see some of our favorite exfoliating products!

  • Recession Chic - Pointed Toe Flats for $50 or Less!

    Aug 9, 2011 7:07 PM PDT

    It's sad but true - summer is nearing it's end. But cheer up, there's a few weeks left and when the cooler seasons finally do roll around, we've got a whole new set of styles and trends to try! One such trend that transitions perfectly from sunny days to breezy afternoons is the pointed toe flat. Pointy flats work well with a flirty, flared skirt and loose blouse and then look equally cute when paired with skinny jeans and an over-sized sweater. Plus, the sharp tip elongates the leg and makes the overall look seem sleeker and much more chic that it's rounded-toe counter parts. High end designer shoe brands are loving this new trend, but we're loving the fact that you can find a cute pair for $50 or less! Click on the slideshow and check out our choices for cutest pointed toe flats!

  • Street Style - Sheer-ly Simple

    Aug 9, 2011 10:34 AM PDT

    The sheer look is one of summer's hottest trends. It's lightweight and the translucency makes it breezy and romantic for the summer. They come in array of garments and colors and some even have floral or colorful prints. Tuck a sheer blouse into denim cut-offs or try a sheer maxi skirt for a perfect sunny day ensemble. Then take this versatile looke and wear it into the cooler months of Fall by pairing a top it with wide leg jeans or flared leg trousers. Need more inspiration on how to wear the sheer blouse trend? We caught up with a few of our favorite bloggers to see how they're styling their sheer tops!

  • The Perfect Dress For Your Summer Soiree

    Aug 4, 2011 5:48 PM PDT

    Whether you're a guest at a summer wedding or rubbing elbows with your fancier friends, there's bound to be a summer soiree (or two) in your near future. The nights are still balmy but those cute maxi dresses and short shorts that are so sweet for day may be a little too casual for night. A few tips while looking for the perfect party dress for summer? Try light, floaty fabrics or draped silhouettes for a more chic vibe and opt for bright colors or pretty patterns to keep your ensemble looking summer fresh. Keep it classy by balancing out your outfit - strapless necklines give longer hemlines sex appeal and cute cap sleeves help keep a mini from being a little too revealing. Check out the slideshow for our picks for summer party dresses that will be sure to make you stand out in the crowd!