Wood Branch Sculpture

CLAYTON OXFORD Recycled Teak Wood Elephant Statue

Hand crafted from reclaimed pieces of teak wood, this Elephant Sculpture makes a fine statement both inside and out. Finding the proper match from the recycled Teak Wood is a painstaking challenge in forming this organic hand-pieced design, and it makes a fine statement in any living space. The Teak Elephant Statue is a fine example of the decorative animal craft sculptures we create, and we also produce other animal sculptures using reclaimed teak wood in any style, shape and form. Please feel free to contact us for custom orders if you are interested in any type animal statue big or small, hand crafted from recycled teak. Each Teak Wood Elephant Sculpture is unique given the high quality natural materials used. The materials are not prefabricated, but rather designed by nature, and crafted by hand.