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Port of Call Dress in Sea Green Mod Retro Vintage Printed Dresses ModCloth com

As you stand on deck in this stunning printed dress, the crystal clear water reflects sparkles onto your stately silver jewelry. A few elongated silver necklaces delicately drape across your cotton-blend frock’s slight scoop neck bodice. Their textural, chain link design coyly contrasts with the garment's elegant, fern green and white pinstripe print, while the dress' stark white panels at the sleeveless sides, shoulder straps, and horizontal darts offer seaworthy sophistication. You’ve been anticipating this cruise for months, so the first sight of your destination’s shore brings nothing but immense excitement. Despite the tropical heat, you remain cool and comfortable, thanks to your garment’s full lining and discreet back zip. When you finally reach land, a slight breeze catches the green ribbon at your waist, and its feminine flutter mirrors the butterflies in your stomach, which have recently emerged as you anticipate a luxe vacation. Before grabbing your embroidered weekender, fedora, and lace parasol, you take one last glance at the vessel which brought you to your dream spot and smile with immense satisfaction.