Open Legs Miniskirts

Kanga trousers perfect for the beach

Trousers of kangas. To tie, one size. African fashion for you: The Kanga trousers are made out of two pieces of kanga put together so that you can tie them as trouser with wide, open legs at the sides. The frame of the kanga serves as an extra decoration along the sides, the waist and at the feet. One size that fits even bigger persons, because of the long waist ribbon. The length can be adjusted by putting the trousers higher or lower at the waist depending on your height. How to put them on: 1. Put the front piece in front of you and the ribbon around your waist. Tie at the back. 2. Pull the back piece between your legs backwards. Tie at the front. Material: 100 % cotton. How to wash 40˚ Celsius with similar colours. We recommend you to wash the trousers separately the first time. Producer of this African textiles: China Friendship Textile Co Ltd, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The cotton is produced in Tanzania. Tayloring: Small enterprises in Tanzania and Uganda.