Kayser Sahne

deadly vintage presents vintage 30s 40 s Kayser satin stripe bias cut gown

This is what I like to call a transformation gown. Apply it like make-up to recreate yourself as an uber-femme fatale. Become the black and white starlet last seen sultrily reclining in a chaise lounge in a champagne-colored room, drinking hooch martinis and teasing an elegant man in a tuxedo. This body-skimming satin-stripe nightgown is a costume icon. Perfect to wear while entertaining, night or day, and translates into an decadent evening gown if youve got the nerve. Thin creamy rayon in rose-pink, with glossy diagonal striping. The label reads Kayser. The high waist-seam veers up into a point between the breasts. Fabric is gathered directly under each breast peak, shaping and draping the silhouette. Edges are scallop-stitched. Cut on the bias, gown clingingly reveals curves without squeezing tight. Floor-length skirt tapers wider towards hem. With waist-ties. Give yourself this one amazing present -- an alluring vintage negligee, by Kayser. size : lg/ extra lg