About me
I am a trend setting DC girl who won't leave the house without the perfect ensemble. I really like finding things that are eco friendly, handmade, unique, vintage, green, recycled, and artistic. Not to say I don't also have an eye for big name designers. I couldn't live without designer shoes! If we could live on bartering, life would be better and ETSY would be even more awesome than it all ready is.  
Check out my style because...
I don't look like anyone else you know....but that's the beauty in it.  
Three things I can't live without
1. My eco cashmere slippers 2. Dark Chocolate 3. My purple rhinestone glasses  
When I'm not hiving...
I am modeling in DC 
What is your dream job 
Getting paid to hive!  


Ask and answer

Color I rock the most
Purple or Mocha


What is your professional beauty indulgence that you could never go without? i.e. facials, hair coloring, weekly mani/pedis
Fish Pedicure--gotta keep those toes looking good in those designer shoes!


My current favorite shoe brand
Chie Mihara, but I also love Delman and Salpy.


Song I like to sing in the shower
Merry Happy by Kate Nash


The one beauty item I can't live without
Too Faced Eyeshadow base.