• sininlinen
    43 months ago
    Feeling spooky on this Friday the 13th? Bake some evil cookies in style!
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  • ElishaAnn
    68 months ago
    Thank you! And Clio is in Michigan, about 20 minutes from Flint.
  • amandakidd
    68 months ago
    Looking for a cute dress to wear to a late-August wedding. Any suggestions?
  • darlakbrown
    69 months ago
    Who should I follow on the new StyleHive?
  • idabone
    69 months ago
    ~* Loving the new StyleHive profile page! What do you think??
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    thx sweetheart. mwuahhhh <3
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  • princess58
    69 months ago
    >u< Poke Hello there! Doing well here in Cherry Capital. Alot of biking to avoid the trafic here!:) Smiling *h* Love Your Hive
  • 121212121212
    70 months ago
    I'm sorry that you're slow. I rarely have to make sure it does. I'm not good at language, but thank you for your appreciation. ;) Winking
  • sophia001
    70 months ago
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  • nkatt
    70 months ago
    Hey there ;) Winking How are things with you justforfun?? Will stop by ur hive soon n check ur latest additions Sexy! *h* UB-) Stay Cool Xx
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