About me
Hi, I'm Allison! Owner and Artist of RockLove Jewelry ( Poking around Style Hive to network, meet new artists, gain inspiration, and generally futz on the internet ;) 
Check out my style because...
RockLove, an independent NYC designer label, incorporates edgy rock n roll gusto with femmy vintage glam, creating the ultimate fashion(ista)-forward look that pays homage to the music!  
Three things I can't live without
sterling silver, the Victorian era, and the invention of filigree. 
When I'm not hiving...
I'm at the jewelry bench! 


Ask and answer

What kind of portable music player do you have?
I had an iPod but now I'm using my iPhone. And the only reason I have that phone is for work... normally I would never buy myself such a gadget since I'm sure I'll drop it.


I can't leave the house without
eyeliner. I'm a fashion designer corporate goth, so I'm sure you're not surprised :)