About me
Living in the Netherlands, not particular keen on shopping but love to look a beautifull things. 
Check out my style because...
I trie to find things with a twist 
Three things I can't live without
1) oxygen 2) food and beveradge 3) sleep 
When I'm not hiving...
i'm reading bedtimestories to my five year old, performe in a poetry-theatergroup, sing in a band, hang out with friends, crawling the web 
What's the best advice, ever given to me? 


Ask and answer

Do you use a Mac or a PC?
Mac at home but PC at work. I'm always glad when I'm home...


I can't leave the house without
My Nintendo DS (yes, I confess...)


Color I rock the most
Red, in all its tones is my utmost color.


I can't leave the house without
my keys. But unfortunately: I sometimes do.


What kind of portable music player do you have?
iPod nano (early model). But to be honoust: I dont listen much. I like to listen to the sound on the streets, the rattle of the trains, the birds, the wind wispering through te leaves... Sometimes I get the feeling all these people with those earplugs are walking in the soundtrack of their lifes. But are we really moviestars?