About me
Since 1930, LUISAVIAROMA of Florence, Italy, has been a premier retailer of authentic men's and women's clothing, shoes and accessories from the most important designers in the fashion world. 
Check out my style because...
Since 1930, LUISAVIAROMA has been recognized as a premier retailer focused on serving the unique needs of the luxury market. Its world-renowned storefronts have been hailed as contemporary forms of art, of which today, the LUISAVIAROMA video gallery presents audio-visual installations representing international artists. The LUISAVIAROMA EVENTS have been especially produced and designed for leading companies such as Nokia, Coca Cola, FIAT, Puma, Missoni (to name a few) applying new experiential m 
Three things I can't live without
Shopping!! Social networking and discover new fashionists! 
When I'm not hiving...
myabe it is all about style! 
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My absolute fashion must have(s)
A Balmain dress


What kind of car do you drive?
A small electric luisaviaroma car with stripes


My dream job
fashion buyer


Jewelry, shoes, or bags: which do you splurge on the most?