Writing Instrument

Embrace your inner executive 1st grader: Stop pining for those boring, stuffy, expensive, ink dispersal rods. Everybody has one of those. You know, the kind that come with fancy wooden display cases and all kinds of 'precision' mechanisms. In fact, it's very common to get one of those pens from Corporate after you've donated your soul to the company for a decade or more. It's even more common to want to take that pen and quickly jab it into the...woah...we are sort of digressing here. Our point is simple. Don't get one of those pens, get one of these. High quality ballpoint pen created to look and feel like a real Crayola crayon. This fine writing instrument comes complete with its own beautiful solid wood storage case that also serves as a handsome desktop holder for display. It has a brass body that carries the weight and feel of an executive pen and ball point that writes in bold blue ink. Choose from different external colors (each writes in blue ink only).