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    by ASSA ASHUACH Assa designed the first OMI lamp in 1999. It was created from 120 foam plates attached with a rubber band, which allowed the whole construction to move and to create a type of biological worm mechanism. The design was very difficult to produce in conventional ways, but Rapid Prototyping technologies offered the only possible and absolutely perfect solution and in 2004 the extraordinary Omi.MGX was born. Made from a single piece of nylon, Omi.MGX diffuses light so finely that, from a distance, it seems solid. On closer inspection, the lamp is revealed to be an intricate sequence of nylon ripples so flexible and cut so precisely that they can be bent and twisted into improbable shapes almost like a biological, insect-like mechanism - twist one end and the rest will follow creating different shapes and moods.

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    This brightly-colored all wooden worm puts a whole new twist on grasping toys! Twists, bend, and flex for hours of developmental fun!

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    A long worm can be plugged together with 13 building blocks. The blocks must be plugged together and balanced in such a way that the worm does not tumble and fall. Those who are not sufficiently patient can build smaller worms with fewer blocks. Not only can the head of the worm be turned, but the entire worm can be bent in any direction.