Womens Style Evening Gown

Easy Spirit Casual chic is not easy. While many designers produce looks that range from austere to ostentatious, few master form, drape and fabric well enough to create that elusive object of desire: an elegant, effortlessly wearable dress. And that's why we absolutely adore Richard Ruiz. As a Parsons-schooled designer, Ruiz spent years perfecting his craft as a tailor and costume designer for celebrities including P. Diddy, Lauryn Hill and Celine Dion. From this intense training (and his years living in Europe), Ruiz has developed a fashion philosophy that mirrors his stylish, slip-on-and-go frocks. "I believe the clothes should never wear the woman, but should only serve as a canvas for her personality," says Ruiz. "Clothes should be a fun way to enhance or elevate your mood." Ruiz's clothes are guaranteed to make you feel better about your wardrobe.