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This hit my inbox yesterday and I couldn’t wait to introduce this brand new luxury footwear brand called Omelle to you guys. If you haven’t noticed my shoe obsession has grown and seeing these are not helping. Omelle just released their Spring/Summer 2009 footwear collection. Founders Cherise Angelle and Nicole Lafave are two shoe-obsessed designers that discovered a common interest footwear with a distinct and imaginative voice. Combining a singular vision with years of experience, they have created a partnership dedicated to serving the sophisticated shopper, a lady who not only speaks in style but continually lives in it. The shoes are created in Italy, detailed with luxurious materials, and designed with a forward-thinking edge. Their style takes cues from a long list of inspirations—including furniture design, luscious textiles, architecture and graphic design with stunning typography. Pretty interesting shoes, I’m feelin’ them- are you?