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Hostess Apron: Snowflake (New!) As seen on Oprah and in Domino, Real Simple and Budget Living Magazine! Move over, Martha -- there's a new hostess with the mostest on the block! Giving a whole new reason to cook and throw parties, these delectable aprons from Jessie Steele are bursting with style. Cut in flattering, flirty and feminine A-line styles in the most delicious fabrics, you'll find yourself wanting to wear one even when you're not in the kitchen. A great gift for newlyweds, Mom, your gourmet-challenged sister or friend, or anyone with an interest in cooking, eating or fashion! Also makes the most fabulous hostess gift! The Snowflake hostess apron features a gold snowflake motif on red fabric along with gold bow detailing. One size fits most. 100% cotton. Machine-washable.
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    There are quite a lot of level-headed people around the country who go totally crazy for this little breed of waddling wiener dogs. If you know any of these people, they will love this gift, and they will love you, because they love dachshunds so much! This accurately-rendered and adorable dog-shaped soap is scented with a crisp cottage linen fragrance. Presented in a sophisticated chocolate and ivory houndstooth-patterned box and topped off with a burnt orange ribbon, it's the perfect mixture of classy and offbeat.

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    Cupcoats are thermally insulated, fit most 12, 16 and 20 oz. hot beverage cups and fold flat to fit in your pocket or purse

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    For the sad Valentine...we all know one or two. Ever been burned by a bad relationship, or wanted to get back at your lousy boss or a conniving coworker? Break out our new Chocolate Voodoo Doll and exact some sweet revenge! First, carve the offender's initials into the doll, and then let the games begin -- try boring holes in strategic places, dissolving extremities in boiling milk, or simply biting the doll's head off. (Or, bring a burning candle closer and closer, and watch your doll start to sweat!) The best part is savoring the delicious semi-sweet chocolate, knowing that each crunch is taking its toll somewhere. Spell pamphlet and directions for use included; doll is made of 5 oz. of solid gourmet semi-sweet chocolate. Yum.