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Hostess Apron: Snowflake (New!) As seen on Oprah and in Domino, Real Simple and Budget Living Magazine! Move over, Martha -- there's a new hostess with the mostest on the block! Giving a whole new reason to cook and throw parties, these delectable aprons from Jessie Steele are bursting with style. Cut in flattering, flirty and feminine A-line styles in the most delicious fabrics, you'll find yourself wanting to wear one even when you're not in the kitchen. A great gift for newlyweds, Mom, your gourmet-challenged sister or friend, or anyone with an interest in cooking, eating or fashion! Also makes the most fabulous hostess gift! The Snowflake hostess apron features a gold snowflake motif on red fabric along with gold bow detailing. One size fits most. 100% cotton. Machine-washable.
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    End takeout clutter with our Menu Organizer! Let's face it -- a lot of us don't cook every night. Or any night. Maybe the menus are in the cupboard, shoved among dusty cans of minestrone soup. Maybe they're in a drawer, or even a folder. But are they anything more than a jumbled pile? Is the good Chinese place distinguishable from the one that forgets the rice? Menu chaos -- everybody has it, nobody talks about it. Now there's a solution! Our Menu Organizer is held together by a sturdy, translucent white binder that's impervious to water, kitchen grease, and soy sauce. Inside, you'll find 30 clear sleeves for menu storage; six section dividers; one sheet of 38 cuisine tab labels; an order-taking pad; a pad of ratings stickies; two dry-erase pens for writing directly on clear sleeves to mark menu favorites; two ballpoint pens; six interior pages with frequently called numbers; an accessories pouch; a tip sheet; and an essay on the Definitive History of Takeout.

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    For the sad Valentine...we all know one or two. Ever been burned by a bad relationship, or wanted to get back at your lousy boss or a conniving coworker? Break out our new Chocolate Voodoo Doll and exact some sweet revenge! First, carve the offender's initials into the doll, and then let the games begin -- try boring holes in strategic places, dissolving extremities in boiling milk, or simply biting the doll's head off. (Or, bring a burning candle closer and closer, and watch your doll start to sweat!) The best part is savoring the delicious semi-sweet chocolate, knowing that each crunch is taking its toll somewhere. Spell pamphlet and directions for use included; doll is made of 5 oz. of solid gourmet semi-sweet chocolate. Yum.

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    Made of neoprene (the stuff of wetsuits), it accommodates many sizes and shapes and it insulates both hot and cold food/drinks for several hours. Lays flat when not in use; stain-resistant & machine-washable. Available in Green, Red and Black. Measures 13-1/2"W x 13-1/2"H x 6"D.