Wire Wrapped Pink

I made this pendant by wrapping an asymmetric cut rhodonite stone in sterling silver wire. The rhodonite is pink with black splotches. The stone measures approximately 42mm by 23mm. The overall length of the pendant is 60mm (2 3/8 inches).
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    I cannot describe how soft and wonderful this cuff feels on the skin. It is made of a mix of different materials, including: seashell, soapstone, rose quartz, pearls, mother of pearl mosaic, pink opal, garnet and angel skin coral. The sterling silver beads are mostly Thai hilltribe and some Balinese -- including some whimsical "fish face" silver beads. The bracelet is totally hand-coiled with more than 25 feet of hair-thin sterling silver wire. The bangle measures 1" and is only available via special order.