Wire Wrapped Blue

#214 A. Tibetan Lapis Lazuli Necklace Wrapped in Sterling Silver Wire This necklace has hand cut and faceted Tibetan Lapis Lazuli Nuggets that are wrapped in Sterling Silver wire , a hand cut Lapis Lazuli Pendant wrapped in Sterling Silver wire and a Sterling Silver Lapis Lazuli Box Clasp. The necklace is 23 inches long, and the pendant hangs 2 inches below, so 25 inches total.
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    This is a blue stone that I collected at some point in my travels. I don't remember anything about it, but it makes a lovely pendant. I made this pendant by wrapping the large stone in sterling silver wire. The stone is a bluish gray color with white throughout it, and it measures 45mm by 35mm. It has a few spots where it shows a rainbow-like chatoyancy. The overall length of the pendant is 66mm (2 5/8 inches). You will never see a pendant like this one again.