Wine Opener Designer Lunch Bag

TORTUGA+ LUNCH+TOTE With a semi-firm EVA exterior wrapped around a stretchy interior neoprene panel, the Tortuga insulates for up to 4 hours while cushioning your lunch from minor bumps and everyday knocks. The unique 'bellow' design folds flat when not in use. * TESTED FOR LEAD SAFETY – NO VINYL OR PVC USED * MADE WITH SOFT SHELL EVA EXTERIOR AND NEOPRENE * INSULATES HOT OR COLD FOOD & BEVERAGE FOR UP TO 4 HOURS (TIME WILL VARY DEPENDING ON EXTERNAL TEMPERATURE) * SOFT-GRIP HANDLE * STORES FLAT * H 9" X W 10.5" X D 6" (H 30cm X W 26.7cm X D 15cm) * patents pending Available: May 9, 2008 price: $20.00 — $22.00