Wine Bottles

Angelshare single-bottle cellar ( Compact Impact ) Price: $396.55 The Angelshare single-bottle cellar that special bottle of wine in its own temperature and humidity controlled time capsule for that special occasion in the future, whether it's a birthday, anniversary, graduation or other significant event in your life or of those closest to you. The compact dimensions and elegant, understated design makes the single-bottle cellar a focal point in any setting and an ideal presentation package to treasure.
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    transSglass is a collection of glassware made from recycled wine and beer bottles. The idea behind tranSglass is to use what we have. We take away, we appropriate, we transform. Hard, sharp, clean forms, original colors as found within the bottles, allowing s to express our positive attitude towards the environment. Originally tranSglass was handcrafted by Emma Woffenden and Tord Boontje in their London workshop. Subsequently the artists felt the need to share the beauty and the values behind tranSglass with everyone who shared his design principals. tranSglass is now part of the MoMA New York permanent Design Collection. Due to their recycled and handcrafted nature, each product will show slight variations in size and color.