Williams-Sonoma Mom Williamssonoma Three Months Of Pastries

Make this a delicious season for someone special. Three kinds of French-style pastries will be delivered from the kitchen of pastry chef Jean-Yves Charon to your recipient’s door, a different pastry each month. The pastries are shipped frozen so you can bake them fresh whenever you want. For the best flavor and texture, serve them warm from the oven. A Williams-Sonoma exclusive. Mini Croissants (arriving between April 27 and May 7) Chef Charon shapes these croissants into a smaller size that’s ideal for feeding a crowd. He makes the puff pastry in the traditional style, using butter and ultrathin layers of yeast dough, laboriously folded and cut by hand. Simply let the frozen croissants rise overnight, then bake and serve warm from the oven. Set of 12. Apple Turnovers (arriving between May 25 and June 4) These flaky golden delights – known in France as chaussons aux pommes – are handcrafted in the classic French style. Their delicately spiced filling of Gravenstein apples nestles in a buttery puff-pastry crust. Set of 12. Sticky Buns (arriving between June 22 and July 2) Experience the enticing aroma and irresistible flavor of fresh-baked sticky buns. Ours are prepared from scratch using a buttery croissant dough and a generous layer of caramelized pecans. Set of 8.