GLASS WATERING CANS An elegant tool for an everyday task, all amber glass and graceful curves. Mouth-blown bowl is fitted with a thin metal spout and arching handle, both wrapped with rattan. You won't want to hide it away. 12 3/4" w x 7 3/4" h x 5 1/8" d.
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    Is it a bag? Or is it a watering can? Chameleon-like, CAMILLA harmoniously performs both functions in the perfect watering can for inside and out. The two handles are designed for comfortable carrying and make this daily garden job a breeze. What’s more, the unusual shape does away with the typical filling problems, because there is no handle in the way. CAMILLA is so much more than a watering can. It also doubles as a handy catch-all for storing and transporting gardening tools. And with the day’s work done, CAMILLA can even triple as a vase for those fresh-cut flowers it’s been nurturing. On yet another level, the intelligent design is part of a sustainable production cycle: the can is made in a single piece, saving resources as well as energy. AND space: CAMILLA is stackable for easy packaging and shipping.

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    Summer Watering Can - Funky plastic moulded watering can - Double-sided pouring spouts with sprinkle option - Flip-top lid to fill with water

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    Each of these art-glass watering bulbs is individually hand blown in Europe. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they will also water your potted plant for up to a week.