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mbtmeet.com is the best! They have the best customer service, best return policy, They are the only place I shop for good Walking Shoe. These MBT's are great! I
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    <p>Super cush! Little heavy, bulky. Very durable and just as comfortable. The roll-sole action is a little getting used to, but it does wonders for firing atrophied muscles and proprioception. Oh, the fit on this shoe feels custom-made, wonderful !Great! This is my second pair of <strong><em><a href="http://www.mbtfootwearu.com/">MBT Shoe</a></em></strong> but first pair of maryjanes. Love them. Very light but still provide the same feel as the lace up!</p> <p>So far, wore these once for church. Had hot spots on the balls of my feet, so not too happy.Great boots. I can't walk without the rigid sole. I have arthritis in toes. The zipper pull jingles a bit. Amazing how well the old ones I have stand up to the elements, and wear and tear. They look like new. Quality leather. I walked miles on London streets in the rain with no pain and no boot damage. You must learn to walk correctly, as the sole requires respect; it slows me down some, but at least I can walk and walk a lot, without pain. I would not have bought new ones, but I pulled the zipper pull right off the top of one of the<strong><em><a href="http://www.shopmbtfootwear.com/">MBT Footwear</a></em></strong>. The new ones have better design, to avoid that.</p>