Wabnitzeditions Furniture Chair Egg Chair

The Egg is back and it's better than ever! Designer Peter Ghyczy created the garden Egg chair in 1968. Ghyczy Novo recently made it available again for distribution all over the world. The Egg is an ideal garden chair. It's made of plastic and so it's highly weather resistant. Closed, the chair is waterproof. Open, it's a comfortable lounge chair. Materials We have replaced the PU with high impact PS, resulting in less weight, longer life and increased strength. It meets today's environmental standards as it uses recyclable plastic. Cushion The cushion material is designed for the best seating comfort. And it's upholstered with 100% cotton, Teflon-guarded, stain-resistant denim. The hinges are now made of stainless steel for long life and outdoor use. Now you can really leave your Egg out in the garden all year round!