Vivavintageclothing 30s 1940s

The olive and purple silk of this late 30's or very early 40's dress has a print of leaping deer and abstract flowers. The fabric is quite fine, a lightweight silk, with a feel almost like lingerie. The front and the back of the dress are each decorated with small bows. In front, a bow ties the "keyhole" opening closed, gathering the fabric below the v-neckline. In back, the fabric across the hips is softly gathered into the bow, creating a modified "bustle" effect. The waist seam comes to a point in the center front and another point above the bow in the back. The long sleeves have puffed shoulders, but no shoulder pads, and snaps at the wrists. Bust: 34-36" Ribcage: 30" Waist: 28-29" Hip: 34-36"