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One tree, one table. Each Live Edge Table is painstakingly hand-crafted from two joined planks of a single monkey pod tree to highlight the rippling flow and undulating patterns of its remarkable grain. We designed the table as a tribute to the magnificent beauty of sustainable wood in its natural form. A bark textured live edge follows the tree's gently curved shape and contrasts with the satin smoothness of its lustrous surface. Using only two bolts, the table's slab legs fit securely into the underside slots of its thick top. Each stunning, sculptural piece is utterly unique, transforms your dining area into a showplace and provides many lifetimes of use. 96"L x 40-45"W x 30"H, 400 LBS
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    VivaTerra's expanded its popular reclaimed railroad tie wood collection to include this striking dining table with sturdy, waxed metal frame. The rustic ties - made from teak, pine and ironwood, with wooden pegs filling spike holes - display original weathered markings on the surface and are joined to provide ample width. The comfortable matching chairs have a slender profile, with backs angled perfectly for ergonomic support. Shipped flat. Some assembly required; instructions included. TABLE - $949- 72"L x 36"W x 30"H. CHAIRS - 2 for $298 - 15"L x 18.5"W x 34.5"H.

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    Vintage Gustavian Mirror About 250 years ago, Sweden's King Gustav visited France and returned with a passion for ornate French neoclassical design. Swedish woodworkers tossed out the frou-frou but wisely kept the striking and unusual arched, scalloped furniture silhouettes. Our reclaimed Douglas fir Gustavian mirror adds a contemporary green twist and honors the character of the rare first-growth fir used in its construction. Up to a century old, the rich hue, deep patina and tight grain of the wood-from razed buildings-simply cannot be duplicated in new timber. Our mirror is hand-planed to smooth its finish while preserving the distinctive textural appeal of the fir's knots, nail holes and weathering scars. Its light water-based stain, and hard oil wax, both eco-friendly, highlight the fir's singular beauty. Price $495

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    Sit on it to groom or stack accessories, towels, and bath items on its roomy shelves. This table stool, made from renewable bamboo with extreme tensile strength, is both compact and versatile.

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    My first thought when looking for a bookcase was to go to IKEA, but these are quite nifty. Salvaged from reclaimed South African railroad ties, each cube is unique - perfect for books, cds, art, and more.

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    Silk Velvet Fringe Throw We're firm believers in layering your bedding as a more flexible design approach that allows you to change throws and shams with the season. One of the most talented textile designers we've come across, Kevin O'Brien translates traditional artisan skills into contemporary interchangeable pieces. The silk velvet fern designs are hand dyed and cut. Silk-screened chocolate and copper tones dance across the velvet fringe throw's deeply sensuous surface. Alternatively, a couple of us couldn't help ourselves and swept this extraordinarily luxurious piece around our shoulders as a dazzling shawl.