Vertex Black And White

design: contraforma simple geometric sketches transform into polygon models, which in turn transform into... the vertex table! powder coated metal. two sizes: 80x80x33h cm [41.5"x41.5"x13"h] or 100x100x33h [39.4"x39.4"x13"h]. champagne with white cross seams, graphite with white seams, or white with lime seams. $625.00 - 680.00
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    cf ... collection ... tables ... vertex _ take some simple geometric sketches..transform them into polygon models..simple and pure..and you have the VERTREX table!!.. _materials: powder coated metal _dimensions: vertex 01 – 330x800x800 mm, vertex 02 – 330x1000x1000 mm vertex design _ jonas piet 2005