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    At last, there is a viable option for the style conscious person searching for both Fair Trade and environmentally responsible footwear. Inspired by shoes worn by Brazilian volleyball teams of the 1970’s, Veja sneakers have a retro flair and are produced using fair labor and organic and environmentally responsible techniques, materials and practices. The Paris-based company works directly with Brazilian cooperatives to source the eco-friendly materials for the shoes -- organic cotton and natural latex from the Amazon. Fair Trade & sweatshop-free organic cotton top wild natural rubber sole eco leather accents manufactured in Brazil designed in Paris, France by Veja

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    Veja Grama is an organic cotton and natural latex collection. Under each Veja Grama sole is engraved the quantity of natural rubber contained in it. This quantity is given in grams, "grama" in Portuguese. Each shoe has a different natural rubber weight. Every sole is unique.