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QUIN.MGX by BATHSHEBA GROSSMAN Quin depicts the last and most mystical of the five Platonic solids, the twelve-sided dodecahedron. In his first four shapes Plato saw the elements that make up the material world, but in this fifth he saw the nature and wholeness of the entire universe, the spiritual quintessence. This mesmerizing light-sculpture is an embodiment of that unity: the Quintrino. Quin must be the most extraordinary and unbelievable light we have ever seen. Its light follows many swooping paths, leading from triangles to pentagons and back again. The geometric facets of the original solid dodecahedron are unloosened from each other and are free to rotate in space, opening out their boundaries into curves which fly past each other. This lets the turning surfaces override each other likes waves on water while keeping the sculpture open into space in all directions. It's a symmetry which is rarely seen in any man-made or natural object.