Updezign Watches Blue Models

This latest generation of watches is the result of a meeting between a mathematics teacher and a designer Anton Kraft. Today there are more than 30 models led in red and green that are now available. | With their own unique layout of the display mode, they offer all types of reading, always based on the binary language ... LEDS for the hours, minutes or for the date. This watch display time in binary format: It features 10 blue leds on a black screen with a light grid layout and distinctive squared case crafted in high quality stainless steel. | How to tell time on this watch: When the LED light is on it means 1, and if the LED light is off, it means 0. | To read the time Simply add the numbers on the top row for the hours and add the numbers on the bottom row for the minutes. | 01 The One watches are among the most unique watches made today.