Updezign Rope Jewelry

Square men's pendant in brownish black steel covered with a polished stainless steel part, very well balanced, a real pleasure to wear and feel. Perfect with your latest white Italian designer shirt with its adjustable black rope necklace. Dimension: 25mm long x 25mm wide x 3.5mm thick | Weight: 16g | Delivered with a complimentary black rubber necklace ### About Mekchoudi Design Men's Jewelry ### Mekchoudi Design is a brand of Canadian men's jewelry inspired by men's personalities around the world, from the sensuous flavors of Morocco to the wild Northern Territory of Canada and the modern cities of Europe. Made with high-quality standards by manufacturers who produce for famous designers from France, England and Italy; Mekchoudi Design offers the same quality with unique designs and great value. | The geometric symbol within Mekchoudi Design logo represents the Tree in Berber culture; Berbers are the first inhabitants of North-Africa, they refer themselves as the Imazighan meaning