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Old Texas - Rustic Furniture, Jan Barboglio Iron, Antiques, Genuine Texas decor, Rustic decor items handcrafted made in Texas and the Southwest, Old-world craftsmanship for your rustic Texan decorating needs from Salado Texas.
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    Old Texas - Rustic Furniture, Jan Barboglio Iron, Antiques, Genuine Texas decor, Rustic decor items handcrafted made in Texas and the Southwest, Old-world craftsmanship for your rustic Texan decorating needs from Salado Texas.

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    Chinese Turquoise Choker CoutureLab Jewelry Handcrafted Chinese turquoise choker with Indian pendant £997 €1,067 (approx) $1,396 (approx) In ancient cultures turquoise was believed to protect the wearer from negative energy and harm, as well as being a symbol of friendship. This striking choker has been created using strings of these emblematic beads, originating from China. In the center hangs a turquoise studded brass pendant from India and from its base hangs a collection of chains which feature small bells at the top and are finished with tiny turquoise beads. The necklace fastens at the back with a simple hook and eye clasp.

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    Maximal Art gold plated charm necklace by John Wind from signature collection. $51.00

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    Beautiful dark red leather wrapping bracelet with Cross charm, Evil Eye Charm, Love charms and Turquoise. There are a few beautiful colors there and they are available with 24KT or silver plating.

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    Tibetan Gao Necklace CoutureLab Jewelry Handcrafted necklace with black wooden beads and large Tibetan amulet pendant £2,835 €3,033 (approx) $3,969 (approx) The pendant featured on this necklace resembles a Tibetan Gao, or prayer box. Usually made of metal and worn as jewelry, the amulet traditionally contained a written prayer, blessed by a Buddhist priest. Curiously a Gao box has also been known to attract or strengthen love by placing a keepsake or love note inside and giving to a partner or potential beau. This pendant hangs from a large collection of black wooden beads, strung together and fastened at the back with a simple hook and eye clasp. The amulet features a coral centerpiece and two red strand tassels with wooden beads.

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    | License plate purse, NFL Purse, NFL Fashion, bottle cap belt, cool gifts, K. Lianna for Littlearth, ProFANity, unique purses, little earth, custom gift

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    Striped, shaped egg cosy with felted dots attached 100% lambswool Available in Amoroso (pink) or Hydra (blue), please select colour in shopping pod

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    A lot of guys don't like the idea of wearing rings for fashion — they think that it might somehow make them "girly." Well, there's nothing "girly" about this ring. The Stainless Steel and Concrete Ring ($170) keeps it real manly with a wide, thick stainless band that has a core inlay of concrete. Wear this, and display your man ring with pride.

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    Mmm, mojito. One of the many things we wish we could still go down to Havana to get — that, a fine cigar, etc. — a real mojito, made in the traditional way, is still the undeniable king of summertime refreshment. With the Mas Mejor Mojito Set ($40) you can now make these wonderful drinks at your place. The set includes four tall 16 oz. glasses, a proper wooden muddler, and a quality citrus knife — everything except the ingredients.

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    Abahna Bath Foam Blending Set Fragrance your bath foam to match every mood with this mixing set. Three 10ml essential oil blends in Frankincense and Sweet Orange, White Grapefruit and May Chang and Himalayan Cedarwood and Rose Otto along with a mixer bowl, spoon and a 500ml bottle of unfragranced bath foam base.

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    Boys To Men Gifts is excited to showcase The New York Dream Car Tour™ This has to be the gift of a lifetime for the car enthusiast, and one that will never be forgotten. Situated in New York, it's a unique and exciting opportunity to experience world-class driving - and the thrill and passion of six different exotic sports cars – all in a single day – for less than the cost of one standard rental. The Dream Car Tour puts you and up to twelve of your friends, family members and associates behind the wheel of some of the world’s most exhilarating automobiles.

  • All designs come fashionably packaged in their own black velvet bags.

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    Ochelly offers an exceptional product selection for your home furnishings, from living room to garden. You will find a wide range of styles going from classic and elegant to modern and whimsical; all to match the preferences based on your unique lifestyle and personality.

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    Part sculpture, part conversation piece. The candle is a beeswax coil. The footed brass burning plate is topped with calipers. Extend the wax 3" through the calipers to burn for about an hour, or 1" for about 25 minutes of candlelight. The flame extinguishes itself when it reaches the metal. Coil is 157½" long (about 60 hours of burn time). 6 ½" diameter, 8" high.

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    FwisReadymechReadymechs are free, flatpack toys for you to print and build. They are designed to fit on an 8.5"x11" page and printed with any printer. You’ll need double-sided tape, thick matte paper, and 10-15 minutes for build time.

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    The TuneBuckle protects your iPod nano by encasing it in a convenient and fashionable belt buckle made of aircraft quality aluminum. We have taken great care to produce a product of the highest quality and design. The buckle is machine crafted, in the US and is beautifully finished. Sleek design, high quality belts and multiple styles allow you to carry your Nano in your TuneBuckle to the grocery store, to the club, or to the board room.

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    This beautiful wooden briefcase was designed by Japanese Designer Takumi Shimamura. It is a real work of art and will no doubt get a lot of compliments on the way to the office. Seeking to develop applications for wood, industrial designer Takumi Shimamura delivers this unique briefcase made of ecological thinned Japanese cedar. Designed to accommodate laptops, the bag has sturdy canvas edges, a handle with leather covering, double zippers, and inner pockets. Water repellent finish. Handmade by Japanese craftsmen. Clean with a damp cloth.

  • 120 months ago BrightandBold »

    This hilarious Grasshopper Appetizer Boat will bring fun to your serving table. Made of handpainted earthenware with metal legs, the hopper boat measures a full 19" long by 3" wide and works well for fruit, veggies, pasta salads, cocktail condiments, cookies, sauces, and much more! Due to the irregular shape and handpainting, handwashing is recommended.

  • 122 months ago wishingfish »

    It's always nice to have some plant life around the house or to freshen up your drab cubicle, but let's face it -- many a modern urbanite (or suburbanite, for that matter) lacks a green thumb. Enter the Atomic Bonsai Kit! A hip, clever, and evergreen alternative to wilting foliage, you simply interlock the cardboard bonsai leaves and branches together -- no scissors or glue (or watering or sunshine!) required. Like its real-life counterpart, the Atomic Bonsai can be pruned into new and unique forms; simply move a few "leaves" from one branch to another, and voilá -- a brand new configuration! Designed by Joji Okazaki.

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    A single Heifer cow can deliver up to four gallons of protein-packed milk every day. Giving one of these cows to a hungry family changes their lives. These four gallons of milk provide children with the nourishment they need to head off to school. A school that many children are able to attend only because of their Heifer cow. Income earned by selling surplus milk pays for tuition as well as medicine, clothing and better housing. Heifer cows can help crops grow. They are after all a natural fertilizer factory. Because a healthy cow can have a calf every year, your gift could eventually help an entire community move from poverty to self-reliance. Please make that gift today. Do it to honor someone, as an alternative gift or simply because you want to help. But please do it today.

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    Café Benoit Pewter Beverage Opener We found this shapely pewter beverage opener in a Parisian bistro and couldn’t resist “borrowing” it! With a weighty feel that sits comfortably in the hand, it lends its retro style to any fashionable setting. Exclusive to Toscano, our high-quality solid European pewter piece is hand-cast by artisans in Brescia, Italy using authentic Old World techniques.