Unique Furniture

Bernadette Livingston Furniture carries a large selection of one of a kind high style furniture pieces and unique home accessories. We have added you could say some of our more opulent or whimsical products to this category
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    A continually growing line of unique, refurbished furnishings and accessories. With their combined talents, Helen Davis and Heather Roberts make a great team, perfectly complementing one another’s design sense, experience, vision, and style of work. Home decor.

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    Worlds Away Studly Dresser in Black Lacquer. Six drawer studly dresser. All drawers on steel glides.

  • 112 months ago Uncommon Goods »

    Our marketing director, Brian, bought this chair, and he loves it. It's in his living room (but it also works well outside). He says everyone who visits always comments about it and wants to sit in it. Plus, it's made of wine barrels--so cool!

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    Pablo table The table top features resin-coated inlaid wood that is hand-cut by a skilled woodworker from a single sheet of veneer. It is then stained and hand-glued together froming the intricate pattern of the tabletop. Once completed, the table is signed by the artist. A beautiful piece of functional art. Features A real statement and a piece of art. Racetrack dining table with resin-coated inlaid wood top, signed by the artist.

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    Elegant, functional, portable and very stylish, that is the Star Light unplugged. Designed by Alberto Meda and Paolo Rizzatto, this energy-efficient fixture makes use of 8 micro-LEDs powered by alkaline batteries. This futuristique candle lights your way anywhere. Starled Light uses a single led that generates a high luminosity white light and requires no electric wire. The lamp is a summary of everything that good design thrives on: research, technology and aesthetics. Its methacrylate metallized body and prismatic head similar to a jewel make Starled Light a beautifully graceful lamp. The LED derives from technological innovation applied in the motor industry, signage and aeronautics - now also at the service of domestic lighting. Starled Light is recharged when, like a cell phone, it is placed on the recharger strip powered by the transformer. In this position it can be kept on without discharging the batteries.

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    Metropolis bar Curved Champagne-plated accent panel, frosted glass surfaces, and tapered Onyx body. Three melamine shelves provide ample storage and built-in glass holders are a handy touch. A sexy, stylish, and sophisticated statement, the Metropolis bar can be paired for a show-stopping effect.

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    Reid Modern Dining Table This dining table features stained wood with aluminum support rods and a glass top.

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    Cornered...But not Defeated corner curio cabinet wood/acrylic paint with built-in halogen lighting in each alcove 2 adjustable glass shelves 78"H x 48"W x 22"D

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    Cabinet Appointee cabinet w/3 drawers, built-in shelf optional glass top not shown wood/acrylic paints/inlaid metal 54"W x 36" H x 16" D