Formed into lifelike sea urchins and tall loofahs, unglazed porcelain transports the textures and shapes of marine life into your home. Thin walls radiate soft light when a votive candle or tea light is inserted in the smaller vase. Multiple groupings of the urchins gently illuminate any room. All make striking vases.
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    Designed by Malcolm Leland in 1954. These sculptural elements, grouped on a 1" outer dimension pipe or pole, function as sculptures in homes and gardens and as room dividers. Please specify quantity when ordering. . Available in Natural Unglazed Bisque only $95 each

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    Ova's 21 unglazed white bone china forms are internally lit with a loom of LED lights, infusing the cascade of organic, pebble-like structures with incandescence. A discreet white hemispherical mounting assembly contains the mains transformer and affixes to the ceiling. Each egg is unique, and every installation is slightly different, varying in size and profile according to the space available – from 600mm to over 1.5m in height. Very efficient in use, the lights are rated for over 100,000 hours operation. The entire light uses less energy than a 25W tungsten bulb.

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    Un-glazed, tumbled polish beads