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These are freakin' hysterical! Each place mat features a recipe written by a chef under the age of eight, which leads to a very funny combination of ingredients, temperatures and directions.Follow this link and see all the recipes.
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    Forget traditional teddy bears - Pooki Dolls are a little weird and proud of it. These quirky stuffed creatures are oddly endearing and always amusing. With their big eyes, funny noses and mouths, a patchwork of layered colors and visible stitching, each doll has charm and character unlike anything you've seen before. Kids will love cuddling up with these soft fleece friends. They also work great as pillows on a child's bed. Choose from the red block-shaped "Pooki" or the slightly more shapely multicolored "Mina." Each doll's name is stitched on its backside. Sold individually.

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    on sale now - discontinued