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This incredible stainless steel soap-shaped bar is even better than the real thing at removing odors. It's great in the kichen - just rub the stainless steel marvel in your hands under cold water, and odors like onion and garlic disappear. Even better, it never wears out, and no additional cleaning is necessary. Black plastic soap dish included.
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    These recycled glasses are a great first step to a more mindful and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Made from the bottom halves of Bordeaux bottles that were "rescued" on the way to the landfill, each glass represents a second chance for these bottles to be useful, beautiful objects. The distinct design carries 'Protect Our Earth' in 4 languages: English, Spanish, Afrikaans (South African) and French. The branch patterns are also etched instead of printed with inks, further making these drinking glasses as sustainable as they are beautiful. Perfect for casual outdoor dining or recreating summer warmth indoors during the colder months. Sold as a set of 4.