Tribal Clothing

Saneens sell or buy deals in Kuchi Afghan Clothing Belly Dnce JewelryIndie retro and bohemian clothing Dress Costume and Belly Dance Gypsy Fire Costume Jewelry Whole sale supplies kuchi Jewellery known as Afghan Dress kabuli koochi dress afghan wedding dress handicrafts kuchi jewelry gypsy belly dance costumes nomad unique lapis lazuli jade and precious and semi precious stones ancient silk textile Saneens company with a manufacturing and marketing division in Asia.We specialize exclusively in designing and manufacturing magnificent Islamic Middle Eastern,Turkmen,Kazak,Bukharian,Persian,Afghan,Yemenite and Moroccan style Silver and Gold Ethnic jewelry,tribal jewelry as well as modern jewelry we deal in table tops in lapis lazuli marble and jade we also provide jewelry tiles and interior decorative items in a wide range from tribal ethnic age to modern age table tops wall mounts in silk textile lapis jade beads ancient beads marble silver