In a space no larger that a bathtub, Ideal Standard now offer the luxury spa treatments of their Tris shower cabin. A three-in-one shower cabin, Tris pampers you with dry sauna heat, a hot steaming bath, hydro massage or a refreshing tropical rain shower. With so many sensual spa treatments in a single cabin, you'll never have to choose when designing you personal luxury bathroom. A personal and private space, this Ideal Standard cabin allows you to relax and unwind at your own time and pace. With unique modern details like the wood control panel framed by illuminated glass icons, the Tris shower cabin blends modern technology with a serene natural wood. Offering an abundance of choice for your daily cleansing regimes, the Tris shower cabin from Ideal Standard brings decadence and luxury to your home.
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    A Modern Italian Lamp to light up your world: the Charme Lamp from Gallery Vetri. Sure to turn heads, the lighting designs are intricate, engaging patterns that would look fantastic in a modern or transitional setting. The wall lamps have a curved plate that echoes the cylindrical shape of the pendants. All feature a luxurious, classically-inspired swirling pattern, either finished in a subtle chrome color, or a contrasting gold color. And each has a delicate crystal trail of droplets emerging below for added interest. The Charme modern Italian lamps are also surprisingly versatile… you may choose to home them in any room; bedroom, hallway, living room or kitchen will all welcome this lovely piece from Gallery Vetri.

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    The new Leggera bathtub from Ceramica Flaminia is a design that will arouse curiosity in all who see it. Resembling a crisp white cloth held taut by four invisible hands, the Leggera stretches out invitingly… the vision of designer Gilda Borgnini. The lightness of the design, and the thin surfaces of the bathtub allows for a sense of freedom from the usual boundaries. The outside and inside of the bathtub are less marked, melting into one another with a sensation of airy relaxation. A stainless steel shower pole pierces through the porcelain effortlessly, as if it were indeed cloth. The tub’s shape and dimensions are ideal for reclining to your full length, undisturbed by the normal restrictions (even if you are very tall), and are likewise also perfect for containing any splashes from the shower. Soak and shower to your heart’s content in the new Leggera bathtub by Ceramica Flaminia.

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    a compilation of cool visions!

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    Bright and bold, the Ginkgo basin and bathtub features a matching modern soaking tub form. The Ginkgo design flairs upwards, opening like a flower while retaining its clean sharp form. The profile is raised at both sides, but swoops down at the front and upwards at the back for a functional yet organic look. Both the basin and the bathtub are freestanding models, which lends them a sculptural air and space. Designed by Yves Pertosa, these smooth modern fixtures offer gentle contemporary grace, and are ideal for adding signature colour to a room. Created by Ligne Evolution, the Ginkgo basin and bath are available in range of traditional and trendy colours, from lime green and ruby red, to brilliant white and warm cream.

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    Amazing appliances!

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    Towel Warmer from Monte Carlo - Heated Towel Rails - You turn it on when you enter the bath and by the time you’re done you have a refreshing warm towel waiting for you.

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    With curves in all the right places, this attractive washbasin from Hidra is called Miss. Its ergonomic form is a true pleasure to use - as it seemingly moulds to the shape of your body! The smooth concave front of the free standing washbasin allows you to lean in to meet the flow of water… the bottom section likewise accommodates your feet. The flowing lines and sleek icetek fabrication are rendered in clean white for best effect. The sinuous sink speaks for itself, with nothing to detract from its stunning form. Supporting wall or floor mounted flush system, the Miss washbasin from Hidra is ideal for a minimalist who nonetheless seeks sensuality.

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    Fabulously clever and fun the compact Gloster outdoor furniture Sushi offers a distinctive trendy style for outdoor dining. Created from man-made wicker, the Sushi outdoor collection features triangular stools and chairs topped with plush cushions that tuck neatly beneath the table. The dynamic glass tabletop reveals the wicker cross-shaped base and the triangular chairs that nest beneath. Creating a juxtaposition of textures and depth, the Sushi collection has an intelligent beauty in its mirrored forms. Hand-crafted, the Gloster outdoor furniture is entirely weatherproof and suitable for both indoor and outdoor dining. Offering a wonderful unity in form and modern style, the Sushi collection by Gloster includes a round dining table, a low table, stools and dining chairs.

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    Effeti Italian kitchens centre around two specific concepts; that of a modern work station area within the kitchen and the need for attractive functional storage. These aims create kitchens which are a pleasure to work in. The work stations ensure that your culinary endeavours can be completed within a single space, while the unique storage options keep everything easily within reach. Despite these common themes Effeti create distinctive unique kitchens that tempt your desires.

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    2006 DUXIANA® Travel Pillow - Travel with Luxury