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Find unique kid’s home collection at our online store. We offer you stylish kid’s home furniture like toy boxes, toy storages, wood toy boxes and more. Visit our online store and search your desired toy boxes and storages with cheap prices. We help you decide on what type of furniture will be best for your child.
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    Clever Tomato offers kids storage and toy organizers in modern design that are playful, multifunctional and some that can be endlessly reconfigured. Our selection of toy storage products provide smart and simple storage solutions for whatever your kids need to stow away. We feature the most talented and innovative designers in modern kids furniture today; P'kolino, Offi, Ecotots, Inmodern, notNeutral... Offering popular forms of toy storage products; easels, coat racks, ottomans, toy bins... Refer to the bottom of each product page for complementing product links or simply shop by brand. Many of our kids storage and toy storage products are available in multiple color options.

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    The Eiffel book case is a wonderful addition to your storage in the nursery or toddler's room. It has a slim minimal design that offers a deceptively large storage capacity. It can fit into the smallest of rooms and provide both storage for you and your young one. The open space in the center can be reserved for toys and other play objects that are easily within a toddler?s reach, and the surrounding peripheral closed storage space can be use for books, clothes, more toys, electronics, etc. One of the great features of the book case is that you may select the door color separate from the case color allowing you to customize the bookcase. There is also an option wall mounting kit that allows you to secure the case to any wall.

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    The Fuji toy box is must have storage piece for the modern home. With the casters mounted, it is a highly functional and youthful piece that offers great storage and a place to sit or a smooth play surface. With the runners in place, the piece is sophisticated enough to easily transition to any room in the house. The toy box comes with slow closing safety hinges that stop the lid from slapping shut or pinching little fingers. MATERIAL Birch ply USE All ages FINISHES Birch | Ebony | Red maple | White DIMENSIONS 40”x15.5”x15.5” Interior compartment 27”x12”x14” Cubby measures 9”x9”x14” OPTIONAL Cushions (organic cotton): Orange | Blue | Brown Includes slow closing safety hinge, wood runners and locking casters Comes fully assembled

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    It seems one can never have enough storage space! This Kube Set is playful, functional and stylish. The kube set is comprised of 2 Kubes and 2 Drawers. The drawers consist of two complete parts (1 drawer and 1 shell). You can configure them in many different ways to meet your storage needs. Plus, the Kubes can be accented with several colors to complement your decor or just add a little more playfulness. Each of these Storage Kubes has plenty of room for whatever you may need to stow away. You can even fit 3 Play Kits or use the Kube Drawers (that run on industrial casters) to store everything away.

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    This ottoman's great colors and versatility can add a little sunshine to any room. It is smartly designed to be used as a traditional ottoman; put your feet up or take a seat, the soft strong lid is made for it. This lid can also be flipped to reveal the finished wood underside for use as a side table or a toddler play table. Each of these playfully practical storage ottomans has plenty of room for whatever you may need to stow away. With all these features the most playful, however, may be that they stack to make a colorful tower and to free up floor space for more run-around room. You may also add the Ottoman Dividers to your order. They are made of flexible, yet sturdy foam so that the compartment sizes can be varied to fit the items you are storing. Available in Black (to match the inside of the ottoman).

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    Frog Pod Bath Toy Scoop & Storage from boon The hop-penin' way to scoop, drain and store baby's bath toys! This good-looking green guy attaches semi-permanently to virtually any bathtub wall with adhesive strips that can be removed without harming tile or wall surfaces. Or, if you're in for a long-term commitment, you can screw-mount him as well. An organizing essential, he features a built-in shelf for shampoo storage, as well as a removable scoop on his back that makes toy pick-up easier (and more fun!) than ever. Drain holes allow toys to be rinsed and drained in bulk, and allow proper air circulation to cut down on mold and mildew. Plus, his silly fingers and toes are great for hanging bath accessories! How big is it? 19 inches long by 16.5 inches wide by 7 inches deep