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Go crazy bright! Go girly scooter! Go, blossom go! ! ! Nalii Pop floral sundress, hey there. Thin, soft, cotton barkcloth. Bright-white, pink, robin-blue, mustard-green, dark-green, orange, and plum-pink. Hawaiian Island floral pattern bears a surprising yet satisfying resemblance to Dutch tole. Dress is a big triangle, cut down the middle and across the hem by wide blue piping. A bow accents front and back. Buttons close the back. Small side pocket. size : lg/ extra lg price : $45
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    London, Milan, Amsterdam - Things have changed with the Young Turks who popped on the French scene just 20 years ago. Fran├žois Mitterrand created a sensation when he asked a number of them - Starck, Wilmotte, Putman - to redo the presidential palace. The architecture review Intramuros remarked recently that there was a new vitality in design and an acceleration in the number of design and fashion stores, "restaurants, cultural spaces, galleries, gardens designed and conceived by architectes, designers, landscape architects." Here are some of the best stores and addresses dedicated to design. They are really art galleries. You can just visit them to admire wonderful objects, just as you would go to an art gallery. They also give you a different flavor of the city.