Topshop Design Womens

Topshop’s Fall ’08 Collection Hitting New York in October You're staring at Topshop's fall 2008 collection (not to be confused with Topshop's Unique line). Had these looks been, say, spring 2008, and you really wanted those skinny acid-wash jeans (bring them back — we dare you), you would have had to order them online from the U.K. and pay about a $20 shipping charge. And you wouldn't have even been able to try them on beforehand. Boo, hiss! But these clothes, readers, can grace your figure before you purchase them — in the dressing rooms of America's first Topshop, opening in Soho in October. It's okay: Squeal out loud with us! You'll find the Kate Moss line, Topshop's Unique line, and this collection in its entirety on the sales floor. You can see the rest of this fall '08 line in our online slideshow.