Tight Leggings

Buy denim skinny fitted leggings with back pockets.
  • 84 months ago Fatalwoman »

    Buy online Salvedore leopard print fitted leggings with shimmering texture and cut out heel.

  • 86 months ago ModCloth »

    Introducing the converse to a fashion faux pas - these tights! Bifurcated along the sides into two different colors, these Look From London tights are funky, fun and stylish. Seen from the front, they appear completely black, but when viewed from behind, they seem purely grey, thus creating a slimming effect upon the legs. Wear with a tailored dress, modern belt, and an golden bangles for a look that will have every 'indivi-dual' intrigued. Also awesome when worn with grey in front and black in back for a totallly different look!