Tiara Women

Made entirely of vintage crystal and rhinestone bits and pieces in beautiful reds and pinks, some with an AB finish. This tiara measures 5" across, 6" if you include the loops on the end for the bobby pins and 3/4" tall at widest point, then tapers at the ends. The base is gold colored wire, with a gold colored wire comb.
  • 120 months ago Smashingdarling »

    Very soft pastel colors make up this tiara made of mostly vintage found objects with a few Czech glass beads sprinkled into the mix. Right in the center, the light blue flowers are actually made of dyed blue tiny clam shells. As you can see the top clam shell is broken, but that doesn't detract from it's sweetness.This would be great for a day when you want to be subtle but you still want people to know you are a princess. Decorative area measures 6" long x 1" tall. Gold colored wire base and comb.