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TEHANI Theme Fragrance Perfume Roll On Tahitian Floral Allure..Escape to paradise with TEHANI. TEHANI translated from Tahitian means "the sweet smelling caress of flowers". With this fragrance we have created a lush exotic scent of tropical flowers, fruit and almonds.
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    THEME FRAGRANCE SARONG Perfume ROLLON BEST SELLER Vanilla and Floral notes. As reviewed by Megs MakeupFrom MegsBut I have to say I identified most with the fragrance she sent us, Sarong a blend of luscious creme de coconut, white vanilla sand, and night blooming flowers. And if you dont see yourself on an island with a flower behind your ear, you need to have your nose checked If you like tropical scents, you may have just met your favorite.So Ladies, let us know if Sarong had you booking a