Thecoolhunter Color Unique

hese cute metallic bags from online French boutique Mimotica Micola have an edge to them that we're finding, well, arresting. The 35cm x 28 cm sling bags feature a candy-colored metallic finish and are illustrated with cute French girls who, while possessing a Holly Hobby-like niavity, are captured partaking in various random acts of subversion. You may be wondering, as we were, whether that's a love interest hanging from a tree in the picnic illustration? Well, it certainly seems to be. In fact, the "beheaded boyfriend with a stake to the head" is something of a motif in the range. The names of the bags also have a certain comme ci comme ca air about them - "Qui, je suis coquette" and for their doctors bag style:"J'aime jouer a docteurs". So Frenchy, so chic. Great for taking to public libraries, great for the environment. Buy online at for 64 Euros, plus all that postage-to-far-flung-lands guff. By Sarah W