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    Sumner & Dene Gallery - Johanna Hansen Ceramics Pincushion House Ceramic mixed media house $90 14 x 4

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    Sumner & Dene Gallery - Spirit Dolls Finding the Muse Voodou doll with raw silk, glass beads, found objects, semi-precious stones w/ an inner amulet to encourage and unblock creativity, stimulate inspiration and tenacity. $190

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    Rene Porter attended the same art school as my sister! Sumner & Dene Gallery - Figurative Paintings - Rene Porter began drawing as a young child. It was at the acclaimed Columbus College of Art and Design that she began her true self-expression through exploring the female form in her art. Her loose line technique, powerful infusion of light and shadow plus skillful command of the anatomy produces images that are stunning and sensual. Rene's art predominately features singular women possessing intimate and reflective moods.