NM Gem Triton 1000 SubmarinePrice$1,440,000.00 The future? It's right here, mateys. The folks at U.S. Submarines® whipped up our NM-Edition Gem Triton 1000 with all the sci-fi bells and whistles. ABS-certified, three-axis maneuverability. Dives to 1,000 feet. 360-degree views from your high-density acrylic bubble. Luxury leather seats with our logo. Joystick steering, with a gemstone set in the stick. Matching gemstone key chain. Air conditioning even. In this beauty, you'll be outmaneuvering Captain Nemo in no time. Your under-the-sea dream machine comes with a comprehensive two-day training program and delivery to your secluded cove anywhere in the U.S. Scratch a fender on a sunken chest? U.S. Submarines provides worldwide service and replacement parts.