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Dillian by Christian Louboutin PRICE: $1,795 AVAILABLE AT: Christian Louboutin 941 Madison Ave. , Upper East Side 212-396-1884 AVAILABLE COLORS: DIMENSIONS: SHOP ONLINE: ADDITIONAL INFO/NOTES: SEEN IN STORE: Spring 2009
  • Dressed in Alexa, Origami Kicks, and Kira Just Won't Die Beautiful paper shoes you've got there. Just don't step in any puddles. (WWWTZ)

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    Sporty in silhouette, the softly fitted sweater dress contrasts creamy ivory with bold bandings of black, all in the luxury of super-soft 100% cashmere. Flashing goldtone buttons add a dash of gleam. Dry clean.

  • In this cyber-overexposed age, privacy is a definite luxury, especially when it comes to the random crap&mdasher, absolute necessities—lurking Mary Poppins-style at the bottom of our handbags. (Is there anything more traumatizing than having a club bouncer pull out your birth control pills while rifling for firearms, or being seen carrying one of those horrible plastic see-through totes? We think not.) And though we love a little mystery, we love Natalia Brilli's X-ray vision-style embossed leather bags and accessories for fall '09 even more. Brilli's latest batch of hard-core cases, clutches, wallets, passport covers, and handbags come stamped with the tell-tale indentations of everyday items: contact lens, credit cards, sunglasses (our favorite), laptop keyboards, pens, and airport security-baiting scissors and scalpels. We like to think of them as clever little disguises designed to protect the identity of the unexplainable goods you're really packing.

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    kabar $CAD 1245 Care Instructions n/a Fabric Content 100% Lamb Leather Soft, shiny, rectangular shaped, folded clutch purse with discreet magnetic closure system, 'rope-style' detailing and a large, unique tassle on the front. Inside, it has a miniature mirror with protective leather sleeve, key-holder attachment and a zippered pocket. The leather has an incredible finish!

  • Above, clockwise from left: Linda Farrow X Bernhard Wilhelm, $175, available at Seven New York; Duo Fringe Glasses by Bless, $200, available at Colette; White Resort Sunglasses by Lenny LeLeu, $498, available at New High (M)Art. We came across a pair of Linda Farrow's eye-popping sunglasses for experimental designer Bernhard Wilhelm yesterday, and that got us thinking: Could anything top a gold plated beak? After rooting around, we found a few freaky frames at Slow and Steady Wins the Race and New High (M) Art, not to mention a pair decked in disco fringe not seen since Studio 54. And whether you deem Maison Martin Margelia's Incognito glasses Next Generation or not, they kind of give new meaning to beam me up. But as for letting them see the light of day, that's up to you.

  • Round Specs Invade the Streets from Brisbane to Brooklyn By Piera Gelardi and Natalia Rachlin round-glasses-trend-1.jpg We saw the trend coming down the runways way back in September, then we found a way to buy into it (on a budget), and now we're here to tell you that round glasses (preferably turtleshell) have officially entered the street scene. We couldn't help but notice them popping off the page all over The Cobrasnake, and we're thinking these owl-eye specs are a sure thing for spring.