Striped Etsy

This gorgeous silk necklace is completely recycled. It is made from a retro light blue, navy blue, red, and yellow striped vintage silk necktie. Inside the necktie, recycled Mardi Gras beads straight from New Orleans are knotted in place. The Necktie Necklace is a meeting of neckwear opposites- the formal, restrained, proper necktie outside and the festive Mardi Gras beads inside. Perfect for a girl with a secret wild side. Because the complete length of a necktie is used to create this necklace, it is one of a kind. The beads and the graceful shape transform this menswear item into a feminine but funky accessory. Looks great dressed up or dressed down. This necklace is 37 inches long total, with 15" of beaded length and two 11" ties. The beads are 3/4" in diameter.