Stone Home Decor

White stone Buddha crafted in Bali has a small bowl in his lap designed to hold a tealight candle. Makes a decorative pair of bookends.
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    product details This striking bowl, gloriously substantial and ethereal, was hand-hewn from resplendent raw rock-crystal spikes and infuses any room with a gorgeous glowing edge. 15" diameter.

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    Tree of happiness No.1. 13" High x 13" Wide from stone "serdolik", made of Copper Wire. Art work. Handmade

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    We've created garden lighting from naturally weathered and textured antique bowls, by including vegetable wax flakes and wicks. Easy to assemble with all components included, they become long-burning, warmly radiant walkway and garden lights or indoor decor. The genuine article-each bowl is individually shaped. APPROX 7"Dx6"H, 12 LBS

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    Tumble-polished in swift streams, buffed and dimpled by time, these stone vases and cairns tell the story of their past in every fissure and swirl. The rounded sculptural beauty of these piled stones delights the eye as they rise up from a window sill, desk top or table.

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    LCD Outdoor Television The finest in outdoor electronics, our LCD Outdoor Television Set lets you enjoy your favorite programming poolside. Indulge in all-weather outdoor entertainment with this innovative, safe and durable set. HD-compatible Television is tightly sealed in an all-weather enclosure safeguarded from rain, dirt, insects and scratches Compatible with nearly all video sources for universal convenience Operates safely in temperatures from -24°F to 122°F Features a watertight cable entry system that keeps connections dry and secure Includes water-resistant remote control, dust cover, and articulating wall mount Optional Deck/Planter Pole offers secure floor placement. View specifications for the 46 inch, 32 inch, and 23 inch TV .

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    RAINFOREST VASE. White ivory stone.

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    Een opvallend mooie schaal ontworpen door Annelies de Leede. Het is een ingewikkeld proces om de schaal te maken maar het resultaat is er dan ook zeker wel naar! Designer: Annelies de Leede

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    Traditional Indonesian man and woman sculptures make wonderful decorative elements in the garden, as well as artwork in the home. Stone sculptures are handcarved in Indonesia. Man, 10"H. Woman, 10"H. Sold separately.

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    Hand carved from natural Indian sandstone, every item in our luxurious Eben Range is tactile and beautiful, with a unique and natural colouration. Feel the stone as you run your fingers across and around their exquisitely shaped surfaces, a testament to master craftsmanship and a perfect balance between beauty and practicality. Set of two, with presentation box.

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    Available in copper, silver or gold leaf, these hand collected river rocks are exquisite votives, each holding a standard tea light. The irregularity of each rock adds to the beauty of the collection. Dimensions: Since the rocks vary greatly in size and shape from 4" to 6", we cannot guarantee specific sizes.

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    Nature's Hardware - Cabinet Knobs. Skipping Stones Studio is located in the heart of the Panhandle of Idaho. They believe they have found paradise. The people of Skipping Stones Studio feel every process of manufacturing is a delight. First is the hunt and the careful selection of each unique stone. They acquire permits and are very conscious of maintaining the integrity of Mother Earth. While hiking and canoeing, they search for the perfect conditions where water and shore meet to naturally tumble the stones into the shapes and sizes desired. 100% of the stones used in this collection are gathered. Next the creative process begins by the transforming stones into functional art, that's the fun part and it doesn't stop there. Finally, these beautiful stones find their way into your home, onto cabinets or drawers or tabletops, and continue in their own timeless way to inspire you!

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    Rendered in spare lines that echo Inuit stone sculpture, this glazed ceramic reindeer is crowned with slender, graceful antlers. About 4 x 9 x 2 inches. Imported.